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Why You Should Use Insul-Channel Insulation
on your next Project

  • Expanded Polystyrene core with reflective plastic facers
  • Semi rigid assembly
  • Functions as an effective thermal barrier incorporating an engineered airspace
  • Surface Burning Classification: Class A
  • Addresses all three types of heat transfer
  • Integral flanges allow for easy installation and fastening

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Save energy with insul-channel

Product Pricing & Availability

Manufactured in the USA and distributed throughout North America and overseas. For price & availability, contact your local distributor or call Proactive Technology Sales Support at 888 262-4497.

Joist/Stud Spacing
12” o.c.
10 1/2” x 24’
16” o.c.
14 1/2” x 24’
24” o.c.
22 1/2” x 24’
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