Insul-Channel is a cavity insulation assembly that can be installed in floor applications and between incline rafters as an integral part of a building’s thermal package.

Insul-Channel is supplied in a fanfold configuration, as a block for ease of transport, and is sized to fit through attic and crawl space hatches. The integral flanges allow easy fastening between joists and studs, while maintaining a consistent airspace to enhance product performance. Depending on the application, Insul-Channel may be installed using either a friction fit to minimize install time, or with staples, large head nails, or screws/nails with washers. Insul-Channel may be used either alone, or as a backing for additional bulk insulation. Insul-Channel is ideal under hydronic radiant floor systems (as a replacement for diffusers) to maximize heat flow through the floor system, minimizing heat loss to the floor joists. It is an effective radiant barrier in rafter systems, reducing heat gain to the attic system in warm climates.

Please note these installation instructions are general. Other methods may be acceptable. Please consult your contractor or Proactive Technology representative for recommendations best suited to specific applications.